Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really learn to dance?

Yes, if you can walk, you can dance. We've been teaching people to dance for over 15 years and have yet to find a person who couldn't learn.

How long will it take me to learn to dance?

If your goal is to simply to be able to dance to the song, most people take from three to five private lessons to master this or a 6 weeks session of the group classes, although you will be able to dance after just one lesson. As well, we offer the combination of the private lessons and the group classes, which will help you to get to the desirable level much faster.

What dances do you teach?

Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Cha Cha, Swing, Rumba, Salsa, Merengue, Quickstep, Hustle, Bolero, Samba, Mambo, Polka, Paso Doble, Argentine Tango, Two Step, etc. are taught at our studio.

If you would like to learn the dance which you didn't see on that list, simply contact us - we probably forgot to mention it.

Classes are broken down by the following skill levels:

Designed for people who have never previously received formal dance instruction. In the first six weeks you will learn basic steps of Waltz, Foxtrot, and Swing as well as Salsa, Mambo, and Merengue. You do not need to have a partner to join.
Designed for people who have completed the first six weeks of the foundation class. You will continue learning the dances started at the foundation level as well as learning new ones such as Tango, Rumba, Cha-Cha and others.
Bronze I
Designed for people who have completed two preceding levels of instruction. You will continue improving the technique of lead and follow. All Ballroom and Latin dances will be added at this level. You will learn the first half of the Bronze syllabus of all the dances.
Full Bronze
Designed for people who have completed three preceding levels of instruction. You will continue improving your technique and skills of partner dancing and learn the second half of the Bronze syllabus.
Full Silver and Gold
Designed for people who completed the Bronze syllabus classes. Full Silver and Gold syllabus will be taught at this level and all aspects of technique will be covered.

And you don't have to have a partner to join our Group Classes, but please be sure to register ahead of time on the website or over the phone: (207)756-5427

Which level classes will be most suitable for me if I never had dance classes before?

If you never had a formal instruction you might want to start at the beginning and pick any Foundation classes during the week.

Though we never restrict people from trying more advanced level classes. You can try and see for yourself - if you get bored in Foundation Level, you can always move to the next level up (Pre- Bronze or Bronze classes)

Can I join a more advanced group without completing the Foundation level first?

Yes, this is possible because during group classes we often come back to the basics so you won't feel that you are playing catch up during the class. However, the foundation sessions will give you more time to become familiar with the studio, and the instructor. Foundation classes allow you to build your confidence level because the basics are gone over more thoroughly.

What will be best for me - private lessons or group classes?

A combination of group and private lessons is the most effective and fast way to learn how to dance. Private lessons allow you to work at your own pace and pick the dances you want to work on the most. Group lessons allow you to review your steps and learn the social aspect of the Ballroom. They are great way to learn new steps and meet new people. Plus when you take private lessons some group classes during the week come as a free bonus.

What if I don't have a partner?

You don't have to have a partner at our place. If you have one, bring him (or her) along, but otherwise we always sure to balance our classes. So, you will always find somebody to dance with. Plus we constantly change partners during our group classes, which allow people to get used to the social dancing and learn from each other.

What if I want to dance only with my own partner I came with?

Even thou we encourage people to change partners as a part of their progress, we never push people towards changing partners. If you decide to stay with the same partner during the class, you can always do so.

Where can I practice my dance steps after I've learned them at your studio?

You can enjoy social dancing right at our studio during our Dance Parties. We hold them once or twice each month and it's a most fun and stress free way to practice and socialize at the same time. As well we have two separate dance floors and you can join join whatever one will be more comfortable for you. Plus, you don't have to have a dance partner or a dance experience, our staff and students would be happy to dance with you. If you would like to come and practice just with your partner, you are very welcome to do so during our business hours (be sure to call ahead). It's free of charge and will allow you to go thorough your steps at the convenience of the big floor space.

What if I miss a class or two during the session? Would I loose my money?

Not at all. If you paid for 6-classes punch card, you will have your 6 classes doesn't matter what. Even if you missed several classes you can always extend your session, or make up with other classes during the week. And the cards never expire.

My parents (or friends) also want to learn to dance. Can you accommodate them?

Yes, they are welcome to take either the group classes or private lessons with you or by themselves. We can arrange semi- private classes for you and your friends. It's usually a really fun experience to take classes with a group of friends and family and if you have a few couples, doesn't cost you more then a regular Group Classes during the week, but allows you to schedule classes at your own convenience and learn the dances you are most interested.

We are about to get married, what do we need to know about preparation for our special dance?

Wedding dance is our specialty and we will be happy to create a beautiful and memorable dance for you. First start with picking the song, it can be a traditional slow song, can be fast swing song or a Latin tune, but definitely something special for a two of you. If you will need help with picking a right song, we can help you with the names of the songs or you can bring a few songs you like and we can suggest you one from your playlist. Next, leave enough time for preparation, usually it takes about 5 lessons to choreograph the dance, but it's a good idea to start at least two month prior to the wedding day. With busy life schedules and other preparations it's good to leave enough time

We have chosen the song for our wedding dance, how do we now learn to dance to it?

After you bring it and play it for us, the instructor will determine which dance is appropriate for it, and choreograph the appropriate steps. We will then teach you everything you need to know to perform at your reception: How the man should lead his bride onto the dance floor, how to find the beat in the music, how to take dance hold, how to dance the steps with style and grace, how and when to end the dance and how to dip the lady and escort her off the floor.

We've left this for the last minute, can you still teach us in time for the wedding?

Yes, we can arrange emergency sessions for you! We realize the many demands that the couple has on their time in the days before a wedding, so we keep it simple and fun!